Custom Drum Tracks

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Colin records professional quality drum tracks at CK Studios for artists, tv shows, movies and commercials. The recorded sessions are then posted online for the client to download. This modern recording procedure saves everyone time and money. It is no longer mandatory to rent a studio for a session and then shlep a van full of gear there. With modern recording technology, recording can be done at a much lower cost while still achieving professional quality recordings.

Colin has the capability to record professional quality acoustic drums and percussion while using Pro Tools 7.4. Colin mics his drums with up to 16 high quality microphones simultaneously and can layer as many tracks as the session requires. Colin has five different professional drum kits that work for different styles of music from jazz, rock, house, jungle, reggae, metal, pop, latin, classical and more. Clients can email Colin their music (wav) and he will track his drums along with it. Colin will then mix the session and then post the Pro Tools files in a folder on for the client’s access. Colin is also a member of (Database of music professionals for hire).

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Drums Tracks:

Step 1

Email your wav/mp3s files to Colin.

Step 2

Attach tempo BPMs and notes of specific groove ideas/vibes if any.

Step 3

Download up to 16 separate drum tracks that will be posted on:

Enjoy your drum tracks!


“When it comes to the music I make the rhythm needs to big and it needs to be tight. Colin has yet to disappoint. Great sounds everytime. Plus he’s an absolute doll to work with.”
Mischa Chillak aka Book (produced co-wrote with K-Os, Kenny Neal and Sugar Prince)

“Colin gets the tracks done quickly and efficiently with the finnese required to make the song come together. He plays/writes for the song. That’s important.”
Charlie Finlay (Film/Tv/Jingle Composer)

“I’m not a formally trained musician (unless Grade 4 Conservatory piano counts), but I always know exactly which beats I want to rap over right when I hear them. Colin consistently provides just those sorts of grooves, which is why I’m still working with him (plus he’s a pretty swell guy)!”
MC Abdominal (Singer/Rapper)

“Colin is a supremely versatile drummer, he can play from Latin music to heavy metal perfectly … he is my first choice when recording drums!”
Gerardo Giraldo (New York – Guitarist/Composer)

“Colin is a top notch player, who can deliver great sounding drums for songs. I’ve worked with Colin on several tracks and have always been happy with the results.”
Andrew Ricchetti (Song writer)

“Not only are his talents immeasurable, but Colin is one of the most friendly, accommodating, and attentive musician’s that I have ever worked with. Its been a pleasure having Colin involved in my projects, and I will certainly keep knocking on his door for all my rhythmic needs!”
Vincent Bertucci (Singer Song Writer)